Televisin Roles:

Marco's Longtime Friend


Directed by James Franco

April, 2019

Business Man

​​May, 2019


Press Photographer

​Madam Secretary

CBS Television

August, 2019

U.S. Marshal

Investigation Discovery

​​September, 2019

Film Roles:

Role: "Swifty"/Cab Driver (Day Player/Speaking)

Feature Film: 'Oil and Water'

Production Company: East Coast Films

Director: Peter LaVilla 

Video Cameraman


June, 2019 


Times Square Pedestrian

Warner Bros./NBC TV

​​​Directed by Mark Pellington

July, 2019

New Car Buyer/Auto Mall Customer

Cable TV Commercial

Produced by Giovatto Advertising, Paramus, New Jersey

May 2019

Theater Patron

Business Man  

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amazon Studios/Prime Video

​​​August-September, 2019

Business Commuter

CBS Television in association with James Patterson

​​October, 2018

Subway Commuter

Courthouse Pedestrian

CBS Television

​Season 4

August-September, 2019

Mars Candy Salesman (1930s)/Featured Extra

Heinz Factory Worker (1880s)/Featured Extra

​​History Channel

​​November, 2018

Clifford The Big Red Dog (2020)

Paramount Pictures

Hot Dog Vendor

July-August, 2019

Police Officer

The Plot Against America


August-September, 2019

NYC Mobster

John Gotti Episode

Empires Of New York

CNBC/NBC Universal

​August, 2019

West Side Story (2020)

20th Century Fox

Directed by Steven Spielberg

City Pedestrian

August, 2019

Phil is available for extra and day player performance.

Phil's Actor Profile on:   


Gelato Vendor

NBC Universal

Season 21

September, 2019


Age Range: 45-55

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Waist: 36"

Inseam: 32

Shoe: 10.5 W/11 R 

Chest: 42"

Jacket: 42-44/Long/XL

Neck: 15-15.5"

Sleeve: 34/35"

Shirt: L

Hat: 6-7/8

No ​tattoos, piercings, or surgical enhancements