Phil's a writer and filmmaker from northern New Jersey. His fiction has been long and shortlisted, while appearing in various webzines and anthologies. 

​​Phil's nonfiction can be found on and the blog page. His articles on Medium are in various publications and have been featured by site curators.   

Phil is also an actor who performs as an extra and day player. For more information, please visit the actor page. 

Phil is a graduate of St. John's University and The New York Film Academy.

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Pif Magazine has included "Father's Day" in their March 2018 issue.  


At odds with their father, teenage brothers embark on a day of mischief where they encounter a life-changing lesson. 

​"A quality submission and tight story that knows where it's going -- strong on detail. How experiencing 'the real thing' shifts the boys' perception and thrill of stepping outside the boundary." -- Story and Acquisitions Editor