FBI Agent/Crime Scene Photographer

The Blacklist

Season 7/Episode 8

'The Hawaladar'

Original Air Date: 11/22/19

Production Date: 10/16/19


Gelato Vendor

Law & Order: SVU

Season 21/Episode 6

'Murdered At A Bad Address'

Original Air Date: 10/31/19

​Production Date: 9/11/19

Phil's a writer and actor from northern New Jersey. His fiction has been long and shortlisted while appearing in various webzines and anthologies. His books are available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format. ​​Phil's nonfiction is on the blog page and Medium.com where he contributes to various publications and has been featured by site curators.   

He also performs as a Film/TV extra and day player. For more information, please visit the actor page.  A graduate of St. John's University, The New York Film Academy, and various workshops on writing, acting, and directing.

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