I enjoy being a Film and TV extra and spending time on production sets. In the mix and around the action. Involved, collaborating, and contributing. It's invigorating and inspirational to be around so many creatives. Thank you all for making me a better artist. It's a kick being on TV and fun to spot my colleagues as well.  

I've met wonderful people as a film and television extra. New friends and future collaborators. Besides helping out with the bills, background acting is a cool job.

Since the call times and locations vary, each day's commute remains unique. Planning, navigating, and riding the NYC subway is such an adventure. It's fun visiting the city's boroughs and vast network of unique places and neighborhoods.

As much as I enjoy acting, I still see myself as a writer and a future producer. I continue to write fiction and nonfiction articles on a daily basis. I could spend entire days reading and writing at my desktop.

I also love sports, movies, and classic rock.

Don Imus would always ask his guests to name their 5 favorite songs. 
Here are mine (in no particular order):
1. Carry On/Questions--Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
2. No Excuses--Alice in Chains
3. White Room--Cream
4. Tunnel of Love--Bruce Springsteen
5. Sundown--Gordon Lightfoot 

5 favorite rock bands (in no particular order):

1. The Beatles

2. Led Zeppelin

3. Steely Dan

4. Pink Floyd

5. The Rolling Stones

5 favorite classic rock albums:

1. Houses of the Holy/Led Zeppelin

2. Dark Side of the Moon/Pink Floyd

3. Let it Bleed/The Rolling Stones

4. Abbey Road/The Beatles

​5. Boston/Self-Titled (Debut Album)

Favorite sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Boxing. 

Favorite teams (otherwise known as Hades for Sports Fans):

1. New York Mets

2. New York Jets 

3. New York Knicks 

4. New York Rangers

​5. New York Liberty

5 favorite movies:

1. The Godfather

2. Goodfellas

3. The Natural

4. King Kong (1933/Original)

5. Point Blank ('67 w/Lee Marvin)